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I finally made it out of the house..

Since my cousin's engagement party I have been in a major flare up, endless amounts of severe pain, being bed bound and having to use my wheelchair/mobility scooter inside the house because i couldn't make a single step forward...luckily I live in a bungalow! Anyway, among those days I was given some grace from the pain enough to make a very last minute cinema trip and to finally leave the house after a week. So I booked online via my Cineworld app, for me and my husband, booked a few rows from the screen. Wheelchair in the car, got my hot water bottle. Great! All set to go.

On arriving into the cinema screen I was very agitated to find that the only way to the seats were up the stairs. There were no seats on the ground, the only way was up! Well now, what was i supposed to do? - leave the cinema and have a wasted trip out the house, when it took all that strength and will just to get out in the first place!? or climb the stairs and end up in worse pain than i'm already in?! It ended that my husband carried me up the stairs and then back down again.

I actually enjoyed the film. Though i still can't believe *SPOILER ALERT* ...

that they killed off the main man!

Have you seen it? what are were your thoughts?

Despite enjoying the film the experience was frustrating to say the least. At several points where i could have been notified about the seating, i wasn't. Why wouldn't a company of their stature not think to notify people of this. Do they even think that there are people out there, like me, that this might be an important factor for? Looking at all the other showing times they have, every one of them are in the same screen (9) which makes this even worse! there is therefore no opportunity for any physically disabled person to watch this film in their cinema hassle free! How ridiculous! This just makes me so angry to think that they haven't given a second thought to this group of people, If i weren't with my husband and instead with a girl friend for example, they wouldn't be carrying me up those stairs, so it would mean, go home or end up in increased pain as a result.

Another factor this affected was me not being able to freely use the toilet during the film - the runtime of the film is 163 minutes! I don't know about you, but due to my EDS i have a weak bladder, so in a normal situation i would have peed at least twice in that time! but during the film i could not purely because of the mountain of stairs that i would have to descend and then reascend! This was not an option. So i sat there squeezing my pelvic floor muscle as hard as i could..excuse if that's TMI!

When the film finished and my husband carried me back down the flight of stairs and wheeled me into the foyer of the cinema, i was fully prepare to make a complaint, however to my dismay there was no member of staff in sight! So i was left to make my complaint via email, which i have now done and will update you guys with the outcome!

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